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Before Led Zeppelin there was Bert Jansch.

Black Waterside

Quote:“The Blackwater Side” is one of many songs that came to Maine from the British tradition. It is, as Bill Cramp called it, a “long love song.” This ballad is one in a series of songs that consist of “true lovers’ discussions,” but none are any more good humored than “The Blackwater Side.” The basic plot is the recounting of an overheard conversation in which a young man pleads with a girl to marry him only to be turned down because the girl thinks she is too poor to be his bride. He insists repeatedly that he loves her, but warns her that he will not propose again and in fact has another woman who wants to marry him. The girl asks for her mother’s permission and the two are eventually married. There are other songs with this same name, but they are easily distinguished by a sinister plot twist in which the young man sleeps with the girl then says he cannot marry her because she was so easily seduced.

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
Up Maine! I never really realized that we actually had a musical tradition lol.

This one has a lot of memories for, and Brady is one of the best musicians I've heard IMO.

I still wish I could find a chanted version of the entire Song of Roland in old French, but this is close enough.
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Bron yr aur

The saving grace of the Bron Yr Aur: where from 'em Tolkienistic numbers sprang
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
An old one but a good one. Bob Dylan`s "Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)" sung by Manfred Mann.

I actually saw "The Manfreds" (Manfred Mann minus Mann) three or four years ago and still with Paul Jones and with Mike D`Abo and the rest. They were phenomenal!  


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