(11-18-2018, 12:06 AM)Steven Wrote: It's concerning to me that "Do you accept the Church's teaching on [x]" (such as abortion, birth control, or pre-marital relations) is considered a valid question on a Catholic website; I cannot imagine discerning with someone who says "no" to any of those questions, ...

I would be hesitant towards the "mail-order bridge" thing; you're attempting to discern with a person you don't know, who might have different motivations (citizenship), and it puts a high expectation on your shoulders since you brought her all the way here and otherwise she would have to return.  ...

I found this a little confusing; however, there is no church teaching on contraception, or abortion, this is the problem Vatican II is confusing to people.  I became more interested in women, at Catholic Match, when they selected "no" to such questions, because when communicating with them, I found them to be more knowledgeable of their faith.   This can be more meaningful than their cooking skills.  America is pluralistic.  As such, Catholic and exotic women can be found.  It can be a vulnerable experience online/offline meeting.  When online, meeting face to face at some point, will be important, and those whom you have met face to face in a parish, may maintain their status online as offline.  Vatican II may not provide any more solid of a spouse than a foreign country, but personal views vary anyway.  It really is critical to think about the children at some point.  Friendship is an underestimated strategy, and sometimes dismissed to have what will appear to be more than friendship, only to find the commitment is the same.

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