(11-16-2018, 04:54 PM)Emblemfan Wrote: Have any of y'all tried Is it any good? I'm tired of OkCupid, and I feel like I'm never going to find the right woman for myself there, what with it's already preestablished liberal bend. (You get a special badge on your profile if you support gay "marriage" or Planned Parenthood.) Has anyone had positive experiences with the aforementioned site?

Well, here is what I can from my experience...

I took a serious attempt at the site starting in July 2019.  I began a conversation with a woman who lived a couple hours away from me in the next city in late August.  By September, we met in person.  By October, we were seeing each other exclusively.  Everything was going unbelievably well all things considered.  We had many shared interests and a great rapport.  Being in Canada, it's hard to find many users in the same country.  She also listed the TLM as her liturgical preference.  Later found out she didn't know the difference from the Latin Novus Ordo.  Didn't seem to matter.  She fell in love with the TLM and even questioned why anyone would go to any other Mass.

By February (so coming on four months), we were seriously discussing when we might get engaged and then married.  Before February was over, she left me without a word of explanation.  We did have a fight preceding the breakup.  Yes, words were said and tempers flared in ways that ought not to have, but for how much was invested, for how much was going well, I was more than surprised at the complete shutdown.  Attempts to re-establish communication around Easter in a parting agreement were unproductive.  She refuses to further communicate with me.

I detailed the timeline because in the time since, I have attempted further communication there with little results.  I had one prospective conversation that made its way to Skype with a woman only five hours away.  She decided after that I was not for her.  Other conversations either died or were messages that never garnered a response.  I've lost count as to how many conversations I have tried to initiate there, but suffice it to say that getting a marriage out of the deal is a low probability against the number of communications you may need to attempt first, and there's not too many trad Catholics there.

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