It's That Time Of Year Again
When my thoughts turn to the JFK Assassination. Not pleasant, but someone's got to do it. So with that in mind, whether you don't believe the Warren Commission, or whether you think their conclusions were accurate, what evidence in particular to see as pivotal in shaping your opinion.
The conspiracy regarding the JFK assassination is one born out of Kennedy-types who cannot get over that a lone, deranged Communist was able to get off a good shot at the President in a motorcade and brought an end to the mythical age of Camelot.

Couple of things I respond to:

JFK was assassinated by Johnson, because Johnson wanted to be President:
That story may work in the movies, but in reality it has little sense.  Some argue that Johnson hated Kennedy, or that he was fearful that Kennedy would dump him from the ticket and RFK (as AG) would go after him.  It's a conspiracy so lame that Alex Jones wouldn't even touch.  If Johnson wanted to be POTUS and power so bad, then why did he spend the next 5 years ensuring that the Kennedy-legacy would continue with the Great Society, Civil Rights, Vietnam, and the Apollo-missions.  Not to mention he gave up and decided not to run again in 1968.  So much for being avarice for power.

JFK was assisnated by right-wing businessmen who feared Kennedy was going to end their tax-breaks or hurt business.
Some point to the Business Plot of 1933 where Smedley Butler testified to Congress that he was approached by businessmen who wanted to assassinate FDR and establish a fascist dictatorship.  However the Business Plot was found to be either a hoax or nothing more dangerous than a discussion at a cocktail party.  No businessman will risk his fortune to murder a sitting POTUS whose successor has the right to confiscate and punish those guilty.  Again, sounds good in the picture shows, but is unrealistic.

JFK was killed by the Mafia:
Yeah, cause that wouldn't escalate RFK's investigation into them.  The Mafia while very powerful would never have been so audaciously stupid to arrange the assassination of the POTUS and sign their own demise.

JFK was assassinated by the Soviets:
Why?  So WWIII can start and the Soviets can be nuked?  If the Soviets wanted a war so bad, then why not escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis?  The only time the Soviets had to fear Kennedy was during the thirteen days of the Cuban Missile Crisis and even then, assassinating a President is a guarantee for war and retaliation.

JFK was assassinated by Hoover, because JFK wanted him out:
Hoover didn't need to assassinate him.  JFK was a dirty pervert, who hopelessly could not contain his voracious burning lust.  Hoover had all the evidence to bring him and his brother down.  JFK could not lift a finger without his precious image built up by his father and the media being torn to shreds.

JFK was assassinated by the CIA:
The group that JFK was so instrumental in growing their importance to overthrow governments?  Again, good for movies...but it makes no sense that the CIA would shoot the hand that fed them.

JFK was killed by the Military-Industrial Complex:
Oh right, JFK was such a peacenik dove.  He was going to end the war in Vietnam that he had just escalated with assassinating Diem and sending 3,000 military advisers to Vietnam that grew to 16,000 by the time he was assassinated by the group that feared his hippe peace-lovin' ways.  Kennedy may have decided that getting into Vietnam was probably a mistake, but this does not mean he was going to avoid it all together.  Also had he been alive and the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened, who's to say he wouldn't increase troop levels.  This is the guy who began ramping up Vietnam and refused to have Diem as President of South Vietnam, because Diem was prepared to work with the North Vietnamese government for a resolution.  Again why would the MIC assassinate the biggest hawkish President since Truman?

JFK was assassinated by Cubans/Cuban Gov't:
Cubans would never have gotten away with murdering a POTUS.  Not in the 1960s and certainly not in Dallas, TX.  If he was killed by angry Cubans, then there never would have been a trial.  The Texas police would have simple taken a rope and hanged them.  As for the Cuban gov't.  In order for them to do that, they would have had the USSR's blessing, since they clearly wouldn't it stands to reason they could not do this.  Even if they went rogue, in an effort to prevent WWIII the Soviet Union would have clearly worked out a deal to remove Castro and his regime from Cuba.

JFK was assassinated by the Federal Reserve:
Yeah JFK's Executive Order 11110, which was done to prevent any disruption while Kennedy's administration was working to dump the use of silver certificates in favor of Federal Reserve Notes...yeah again why would the Fed made up of bankers and not criminals or assassins, decide to kill the President who is growing their power?

JFK was assassinated by the Vietnamese:
While JFK, CIA, and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr are responsible for the assassination of Ngo Dihn Diem and his brother.  It was carried out by Vietnamese military personnel.  So again, why bite the hand that feeds ya?

JFK was killed by the Israeli gov't:
So the guy responsible for the US-Israeli Military alliance, was assassinated because he wouldn't let them build a nuclear bomb.  Well it would have been easier for them to do what they ended up doing anyways of building it in secret, as opposed to orchestrating an elaborate assassination.

JFK was killed by Martians from outer space:
Might as well be the case.

I say in conclusion.  Americans would be better off and much more wiser if they focused on the Kennedy presidency instead of these half-baked conspiracy schemes.  Kennedy was not a saint who was killed by evil.  He was a terrible president, who on several occasions nearly brought us to the brink of nuclear annihilation.  His Foreign Policy was a disaster that sadly brought down Johnson who was unwise to keep so many of the Kennedy goons in office and keep up the Kennedy policy.
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While I agree with austenbosten overall, I think you forgot one theory: Oliver Stone killed Kennedy so he could make a movie about it.  Big Grin
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said Throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory. Amen.
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For me, nearly every strange coincedence in the JFK Assassination can be explained away, but when taken togather it becomes too coincedental.
(11-18-2018, 05:29 PM)Eric F Wrote: For me, nearly every strange coincedence in the JFK Assassination can be explained away, but when taken togather it becomes too coincedental.

Every Presidential assassination had 1 thing in common. A lone, deranged, delusional assassin.
I wouldn't say that of Booth. He had become a very heavy drinker, but he was noticeably different from the other three.
(11-18-2018, 06:19 PM)Eric F Wrote: I wouldn't say that of Booth. He had become a very heavy drinker, but he was noticeably different from the other three.

C'mon he saw himself as the man who was going to save the defeated South by killing the tyrant. He performed one too many plays of Julius Caesar and took his method to seriously in playing the role of Brutus.
Didn’t Lincoln also go after the banks?
(11-18-2018, 11:29 PM)Some Guy Wrote: Didn’t Lincoln also go after the banks?
I don't see how he did. Given that the Income tax, uniformed tender, fiat currency, and nationalised banking came out of his administration.

If anything he was a banker's dream come true.

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Lincoln was probably not very popular with bankers after he resorted to Greenbacks to get around the high interest rates bankers wanted to finance the War effort.

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