It's That Time Of Year Again
(11-19-2018, 10:56 AM)Eric F Wrote: Lincoln was probably not very popular with bankers after he resorted to Greenbacks to get around the high interest rates bankers wanted to finance the War effort.
Fair enough, but I am highly doubtful they complained much, given how much they would be earning back from manufacturers who took on credit to finance the production of war materials.

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The only theory on this I've heard that makes some degree of sense was that JFK was whacked by the mob as retribution for his brother going after organized crime.  In a nutshell, Joe Kennedy, their father, used his connections made bootlegging during Prohibition to help buy votes for JFK, with the mob being assured they'd be left to their business.  When RFK announced the government was going after organized crime, various crime families felt betrayed, and went after JFK for vengeance.

Personally I think it was done by time-travelling Martians disguised as the Kardashians.
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Regardless of what has been said over the last 50 years regarding Jack Ruby NOT having significant ties to organized crime, I'd say the evidence is much stronger that he did have lengthy ties to the Dallas and Chicago mobs.
Gosh, I thought this thread would be about Thanksgiving.  Huh
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Interesting article from NPR  It briefly addresses one of the many aspects of the assassination I've found to be suspicious, ever since the autopsy photos were released. Jacqueline Kennedy did not allow her husband to have an open casket funeral, because it was decided that the gaping wound in his head could not be concealed, yet the autopsy photos show his face to be very much in tact, and while there was massive damage to his skull, an undertaker could easily have covered it up.
It's that time of year again. Maybe I'll list my favorite books on the subject. One of the best arguments for an actual conspiracy is that I find it hard to believe that a man like Jim Garrison would possibly jeopardize his prestigious job as DA of Orleans Parish in order to pursue a wild conspiracy theory.

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