In Search of a husband in GR, MI - 52
(11-24-2018, 06:10 PM)Knight Hospitaller Wrote: I also live in Grand Rapids.  If you have yet to experience a Latin Mass, I invite you to Sacred Heart of Jesus parish.  No need to drive down to Kalamazoo, we have a weekly missa cantata Tridentine latin mass.  Would love to meet a fellow fishie IRL.

Hi Knight Hospitaller,

Thank you for saying hello! 
You are quite right. No need to drive to Kalamazoo with Sacred Heart having a Latin Mass every Sunday. 
Actually a couple friends and I will be going to Sacred Heart come the end of the month when I have the weekend off from Choir. One friend has been a few times, another I don't know. I suppose just look for the 3 ladies who look like they feel out of place :s :blush:

Finding out the Liturgical year and corresponding vestments are quite different in the Latin Rite from the NO, gives me a bit of pause. I suspect it will be more eye opening than I realize.

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