Winter Storm Bruce
I-and everyone else living in the midwest-would appreciate prayers for the coming blizzard, Winter Storm Bruce.

While I’m not worried about the snow, what I am worried about is completely losing our electricity. My animals are dependent on environmental temperatures. It would be one thing to lose heating, because at least then we still have power and my space heaters could easily heat a whole room.

But to lose heating and power? Most of my tarantulas are little spiderlings, so a bad cold front in the house could easily kill them. I kid you not, I went out and spent $100 on hand-warmers just in case all power goes out. At least them I could try to save some of my animals.

Mother said no to kerosene heaters and gas-powered generators in the house, so I’m really only left with hand warmers if all power goes out. Lord have mercy, what am I supposed to do with all of my invertebrates?

Prayers for my animals would be greatly appreciated.

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I will definitely pray. I hope you get as lucky as we did in SE Nebraska. We only got about 5" of snow and minimal drifting. No power outages. Our son, in Kansas City, said they were expecting around 9".
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Try getting an inverter that you can connect to a car .. It will give you 120 volts at 60 Hz same as from power company .. Only best used when car is running (idle rpm speed would be okay) .. Of course you will not be able to power everything in the home or even 1 single large appliance, but you can make it work to fit the issue you might have to deal with .. Good luck
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Refltectix as insulation might provide efficiency to whatever candles might burn with the aquarium holding your critters wrapped with insulation.

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