Obligated to Confess?
Three parts to a good Confession.
1.  You must acknowledge, mostly to yourself, that you have sinned. Why yourself? Because God already knows.
2.  You must be sorry for your sin, really sorry, not kinda' sorry that you got caught. You must regret your actions.
3.  You must resolve to sin no more.
Perhaps your boyfriend is not on track with all 3 parts.  Maybe he is worried that if he goes to Confession that he makes things worse until he is confident he will sin no more.  Maybe he is so embarrassed that he wants to hide from God (illogical, but I think we have all felt this way sometime in our lives). Maybe he is not sure how he feels about the situation.
Ridding yourself of sin is a process.  IF you go at it thinking that one confession will fix everything then you may feel like giving up.  And each person has their own internal timetable.  Encourage, don't force, don't condemn, and then let God work. Your boyfriend knows what he is to do, leave him to do it himself. Be his girlfriend, don't be his mother. YOU can't fix this, this is your boyfriends responsibility. You can lead by (loving, silent) example.
Yes, we should confess as soon as we can, but we don't always feel that we are ready.  A mistake, yes, but humans make mistakes.  God still loves us.

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