"Dignitatis Humanae" P. Paul VI 1963/1978 para. 6 . . .
" .  .  . public authority can not impose on citizens .  .  . the profession or abandonment of any religion .  .  . "

What are your views on this statement of P. Paul VI and how do they conflict with indifference, respecting no salvation outside the Latin Church or do they conflict with paragraph one, http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_counc...ae_sp.html?

McCarthy, John.  The Task of Living Tradition.  WEB http://www.rtforum.org/lt/lt9.html

" .  .  . We do not have to have to rest content with .  .  . that Vatican II has not been 'proven guilty' of contradicting Pope Pius IX Quanta Cura.  .  .  . only one verdict is possible: the Council is 'proved innocent' of that charge."  Marcel Lefebvre, founder of F.S.S.P.X. (1970) to maintain recusal against errors of Vatican II both in historical conext, and from the Latin, formally declared 21 NOV 1974 as quoted by Davies, Michael.  Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre: Part One.  PRINT Kansas City, MO 1979/1992. pag.  38 " .  .  . We hold firmly .  .  . to Catholic Rome .  .  . and of the traditions necessary to the maintenance of this faith, .  .  . ".

NOTE: the use of F.S.S.P.X is not intended to confuse the reader, but the intent is to compare F.S.S.P.X. with F.S.S.P., that the confusion will be noted.  As mentioned: F.S.S.P.X. was founded by Marcel Lefebvre in 1970, Econe, Switzerland canonically by Mgr. Charriere, Bishop of Fribourg, Geneva and Lausanne.  After Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was allegedly excommunicated.  The excommunication is regarded as an allegation; since to the reader the enforcement of canon law, promulgated in 1983, that Catholics maintain a right to sacraments that the Latin Church must provide, when territorially they are denied to residents or travellers or wanderers of a diocese, and the vicar forane finds it impossible to correct: since the liturgical works themselves are corrupt; additionally, the sacraments are to be provided for less reason than stated.  To continue: After P. John Paul II allegedly excommunicated Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, through motu propio, he erected F.S.S.P. to deny the implied allegation of his injustice, subsequently providing sacraments without correction, to extant corrupt liturgical works; still in existence against the recusal, legal rejection of an apostacy, by P.  Paul VI, through his two works a declaration and the Vatican II constitution.  It was 1988 Ecclesia Dei erected F.S.S.P..  P.  FRANCIS has not suppressed F.S.S.P., but the mass of F.S.S.P continuously for thirty years now has been done by F.S.S.P. and therefore, suppression of F.S.S.P. would bare no ill effect against the mass performed, unless canon law regarding these matters were again abrogated.

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