High Drama in the West Wing
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India-China border. Troops and barricades.

Wednesday, 9 Jaunary:

The big moment has passed.

The 45th President spoke to the nation from the Oval Office, a rare event that usually portends a major event. This was not only no different, but it was a major event even by those standards.

The speech was only 9 minutes.

In true Trumpian style, it was far more about the buildup rather than the delivery. He has a knack for baiting his opposition; to allow them to project their actual sins on it rather than cool their heels and await the outcome.

He could have simply tweeted this had he wanted it to be about the message. However, in classic style, the opposition served up a heaping helping of their guilt for two solid days. Fearing they would be fully exposed, they instead indicted themselves.

You see, this wasn't about the wall, really.

It was about who owns the progressive movement and their minions in the media. The villain in this operetta the Hungarian billionaire who sees the
US as the enemy of the world, namely George Soros.

The same Soros who pumped $32 billion into his 'Open Society Foundation' and that money has filtered into every level of the US democratic system. By comparison, Russia's 'meddling' in the electoral process was a drop in the proverbial bucket.

His desire to have the United States as an egalitarian, open society flies in the face of all reality. It says nothing about aspirations of the other nations. Red China, for instance, shares nothing with this vision.

In short, this is simple brain dead liberal progressive ideology being used to cow a nation into subservience. 

These are people who see freedom as fascism, and totalitarianism as the guarantor of liberty.

It is a living, breathing contradiction. So much so that any attempt at rational discourse turns to emotional invective almost immediately. How does one tell a member of 'AntiFa' that their very existence is fascism, pure and simple?

That Donald Trump, as rugged an individual as the US has ever produced, desires to be a dictator. The obvious fact that he is actually transferring power back to the people is utterly ignored.

Most of the squealing about his policies is the deregulation of UN desired mandates over control of natural resources. They want the pond in your backyard controlled by the government.

Not to mention taxing every exhale you make.

Who's the fascist here? The UN/Globalist alignment or the group of people who have banded together over the last decade to stop them?

Now, key to all this is the notion of a sovereign nation. In simple terms, you either have established, defensible borders or you don't. The ones that do, like China, have highly militarized borders. 

Just like their pals the North Koreans. No free movement there.

Yet the same politicians who gladly take the Soros money -and his billions are well distributed among them- are just fine with these neo-fascist states. Some of them, like the Senior senator from California, not only has deep financial ties with China but also had a chauffer for over a decade who was a Chinese spy.

Google and creator Eric Schmidt were very tight with the cabal in Beijing. So much so they even created the 'Chinese Google' code named
'Dragonfly'. This was a planned replacement for the western model, which allows far too much political resisitance.

It was all 'destroyed' by a mysterious fire a couple months back. How convenient.

This is the backstory to the president's speech on Tuesday. Lacking any coherent arguments against, they shamelessly play the emotion card; it's all about the sick babies and abused women and anything they can dredge up to appeal to guilt.

If one mentions criminal illegals and their crimes against US citizens they are called, of course, 'racist'.

This is a simple equation, and POTUS played this card perfectly. The whining from the government about not getting paid isn't lost on the masses; they know these people will get every penny back.

It's a paid vacation, more or less. Something not available to the average citizen.

This is so much more than just a wall being constructed on the southern border. This is an argument for a free, and just United States. What Trump has done is wrap a bow around the entire issue of why he became president in the first place.

The opposition wants open borders for a myriad of reasons; namely cheap labor (big business), newly minted voters to replace the hemorrhage of

African Americans fleeing the Dems, to increased social security revenue, sought by both parties.

America's adversaries want them for an entirely different reasons.

Unfettered migration destroys sovereign states. Resources must be diverted. This allows them to conquer us without firing a shot, particularly once we've been disarmed. Which the new congress is intent on doing.

This is all being engineered by the Previous Occupant and his globalist cadre.

They don't care if this country spirals into third world status; indeed this is a desired outcome. They have hundreds of millions stashed in Iran to pay for their comfortable retirements abroad.

That $5.7 billion in cash was in untraceable bills. It was hidden from congress and the American people. 

It guaranteed ISIS and the Syria crisis would continue. That the attempts to start a world war to cover their crimes would also occur.

All of this nonsense has been stopped dead in it's tracks. The border wall a key ingredient in the fact that it represents turning back this whole evil operation. It is a 'harbinger' of change.

The progressives know this. It's why they fight it with every ounce of their fiber. If the construction starts, they know they have lost. Same with the Mueller investigation, which is why they don't care about what is found- they know he didn't commit a crime- but about keeping it open at all costs.

This president has been playing 4D chess since he got in office.

He has them over a barrel. These government employees vote almost exclusively Democrat, as many of them are unionized. Others are highly paid political appointees. They want their money.

Being put out of work because their benefactors don't want to keep hordes of illegals storming the border isn't something they can abide by. You can be certain their Representatives are getting blistered over this.

The meeting in the west wing on Wednesday only made it worse. They dug in on the wall, and demanded government be re-opened. Trump walked out on them.

So, here we are.

The silver lining? If you believe in the admonitions of the 'QAnon' universe, this shutdown gives POTUS much lateral room to move in the implementation of 'The Plan'. Perhaps you have noticed how smooth things are going inspite of this event.

They have planned this for months. 

Trump wanted this showdown. He wanted them to out themselves as exactly who they are, and what they believe.

On that level this is a dramatic success...

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