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Petition Donald Wuerl Be Removed From Public Ministry

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He is a feckin reprehensible liar.  There are no words harsh enough; Wuerl hired a PR firm and built a website to defend his good name when the scandal broke. He lied on the CBS national newscast, he scoffed at things as not a big deal at a soft interview with his good friend Fr Rosica.  All the while, people broken by priestly abuse and coverup and the pew sitters alike have to sort through the noise for a strand of truth that isn’t coming. 

What is truth?  Do they not weigh their own judgement against their first impulse to lie?  More outrageous is the archdiocese,  lacking all credibility, now saying we need to look at other meanings of the denials, they weren’t intended to be imprecise. Just let that sink in for a moment.
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