Cysts and no stomach
I have two prayer requests for two of my spiders. I certainly hope God will indeed have mercy on these two, since veterinary science definitely has no solutions (and of course, there is no such thing as veterinary science for tarantulas, let alone for invertebrates) and I’ve had some other losses already.

1. For giant “Solstice,” who has an enormous cyst on her abdomen; who knows why it’s there. She molted recently and her previous cyst didn’t go away. I’m not sure if it’s cancerous (yes, spiders do get cancer! But again, surprise there have been no scientific studies really done on arachnid cancers!) or if it’s a cyst that has formed from a previous injury.

I’ve been told by lazy ass hobbyists that pursuing science or studies on tarantula/invertebrate veterinary science is a waste of time. I’m tired of being told “just hope for the best!” What a load of crap! Too bad nobody has tried doing tarantula ultrasounds or tarantula x-rays (well to be fair on x-raying invertebrate animals, you really don’t see much inside, since their bodily support is external). How about tarantula biopsies? How will we know unless we try?

But anyway other than that (and a missing spinneret that won’t grow back) Solstice’s behavior hasn’t really changed. A slow death from a health problem that can’t be identified? Who knows!?

2. And yes, little Stradivari is still alive, still has not molted, and still has no sucking stomach. Since he’s not eating, he’s not growing. Which means it will take him a longer period of time to molt. Even if he survives to molt, there is no guarantee he will get his sucking stomach back-and if that’s the case, I’ll have to euthanize him.

I really don’t want to euthanize little Stradivari. Again, no answers. But I’m still waiting.

It would be great that if God in his great mercy, would remember the little crawly friends that He appears to love so much (they do vastly outnumber all vertebrate animals on Earth).

How foolish is man, who only looks at the macrocosm and takes pride in destroying (not being good stewards) all the small creatures, who thinks he is greater than God Himself? Who is so obsessed with controlling creation that Man forgets he belongs to the creation, and came from the dust of the Earth?

When one stops to look down (or up in many cases) and starts to view the world from the microcosm, man can learn quite a lot. The macrocosm that man has morphed to idolize himself suddenly becomes vanity. The microcosm can allow some of us to “die unto oneself,” which is a concept I otherwise struggle with.

Remember to appreciate the small world...and prayers for my animals would be appreciated.

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