Cysts and no stomach
I have plenty of photos of my invertebrates but I have found there really isn’t a good way to share them on FE, so I don’t post them.

Supposedly the patron saint of spiders is St. Felix of Nola but he is a relatively unknown saint even here in the west.

I always considered St. James the Greater as a patron saint of arachnoculture, despite having no association to spiders. He is one of my favorite Saints and my “unofficial” patron family Saint. I also like St. Catherine of Alexandria, and St. Jude for non-spider related requests. The Fourteen Holy Helpers are also protectors of animals.

Despite being venomous animals, my tarantulas bring me peace and I love being around them. At least I know a tarantula will do no real damage to me. As an example, my cat clawed up my hand real badly today and most of my hand is bandaged up from bleeding. A tarantula’s fangs will leave no visible scars and more than likely won’t leave any bleeding whatsoever. Effects from receiving venomous bites-if it is even injected into skin-vary from person to person. It can range anywhere from very minor to swelling or pain at the most extreme.

Still something to be very cautious of, but a Tarantula can’t kill you like a dog or a human being can.

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