I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry
It has reached such ludicrous proportions of confusion these days that it is quite laughable to me. Tragic and sinful as well, but laughable because many of these supposed "leaders" of the Church still think that nobody sees through their charade, but meanwhile more and more people are seeing them for the evil infiltrators that they are. They are cut from the same cloth as the antichrists and saboteurs mentioned in the letters of Sts. John and Jude.

I consider most of the highest level leaders in the Church today to be theological terrorists. That is my name for them. A hallmark tactic of a terrorist is hijacking a vehicle, and diverting it from its intended direction to another one to suit their purposes. In the case of the Church, the Barque of Peter has been hijacked by theological terrorists, and has been directed away from heaven and towards hell. These evil men also attempt to hijack the Holy Spirit, insisting that the Holy Spirit would suggest a teaching in opposition to the Father and Son.
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