Praying for the Salvation of the Deceased (According To Padre Pio)
Since we are never certain of one's final end, until we have reached our own, we may always assume that they are in Purgatory and therefore pray for them. 

The question you are asking unnecessarily complicates this. The phrase used by Our Lord is instructive: the hour of death. The hour is, indeed, a temporal moment. We are corporate entities; we live in time and die in time. God, however, is outside of time and therefore hears our prayers from eternity; He can, therefore, hear all of the prayers which have been made, which are made, and will be made. Thus, we can pray that a man have a good death even when he has already died temporally. The caveat is that we will only know if our wish was granted when we come to know the entire natural order in Heaven. Furthermore, our prayers to give a man a good death will not impugn on that man's free will: God may give him the grace to desire a good death, but it is up to him whether or not to cooperate.

Basically, you will not change the physical and temporal outcome of what happened, but your charity for that man may have, from all Eternity, had an effect on him before he died. Nevertheless, once the man has died, he is judged and his judgement will be final and eternal and will not change based on your desire for it to be so.
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