Morality of video games generally.
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     First post here.  I did use the search feature to no avail.

     In a discussion about video games with my confessor, I could not come to a conclusion, guidelines, etc. as to what was okay to play and what was not.  I have some vague notion that shooters are a little less morally objectionable than RPGs and the like due to their religious and magical tones.

     The reason I brought the question up in the first place was because of the problems with Harry Potter and the like.  That exorcists routinely cite Harry Potter as the reason for demonic possession.  This made me question what I was consuming.  I had to stop myself from playing the JRPGs, which I routinely played for their incredible stories... Final Fantasies, Tales of, Last Sphear, Shenmue, and the list goes on.

     Has anyone else had this scruple?  Please tell me what your confessors and priests have said so I can make a more informed idea of these things.

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I'm a Dragon Quest fanatic and never gave it a thought. Right now my wife and I are playing Tales of Zestiria.
If you believe you are suffering from scruples, I would suggest you to follow exactly what your spiritual adviser said.  I notice you said, "I could not come to a conclusion" rather than "we could not," etc., which makes me think he gave you guidance but you aren't content with it, which is common for someone with scruples.  But scrupulosity is never satiated, so it is very important to resign your judgement on these matters to the guidance of your spiritual director.  Forgive me if I'm incorrect in my premise, or overstepping with my advice.
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I don't see anything particularly wrong about fictional worlds where the rules are a bit different than the real one. If you're trying to actually cast the spells in Harry Potter in real life, that could be bad, but just reading about it? Even if you're doing it in a video game, that's hardly magic - you're pressing buttons to make the character on screen do something pre-programmed. Magic's immoral because it's calling upon demons in real life, but why couldn't one imagine a world where it's not demonic, but something that's part of the nature of at least certain humans?

Not that the two are exactly comparable, but if we're allowed to read the classics where they're worshipping false gods while building their giant wooden horses, why can't we play a game set in a world with a different god? We - the players - aren't worshipping anything that way, just like players of shooters aren't actually murdering anyone.

My problem with Harry Potter is the hypocrisy of the author, particularly about race, but that's getting a bit off topic.

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