"Ignoring Truth"
Well, one can assume that the responses to President Trump's SOTU address, would be full of misguided and false claims from upstart politicians of the Democrat Party. None of the 'old guard' would dare come out and be as bold as the person that was featured in the Democrat response, as Mr. O'Reilly points out. The old guard is gonna stay mute until the waters can be tested sufficiently and talking points produced, so they all can be on the same page. This political operative of the Democrat Party, Stacey Abrams, that Mr. O'Reilly mentions, is one of these put out there to stir things up and see what sticks. I donno, but she doesn't seem to have a forthright breath coming from out of her mouth. The perfect Democrat for this job indeed.

Almost a totally stereotypical Obstructionist Democrat.

Gross politics of the worst kind.

Interesting commentary here:

Keyboard Warrior

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Ignoring Truth
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 6, 2019

[Image: AP_19037148726204.jpg]
It’s been a tough week in America for the truth.  While the hate Trump media counts all the President’s “lies,” the Democrat who replied to Mr. Trump’s State of the Union speech put three whoppers out there with no scrutiny whatsoever.
Stacey Abrams, who almost won the governorship of Georgia, told the world that the U.S. economy is essentially bad.  By every calculated measure, that is a false statement.  
Then Ms. Abrams stated that the federal tax cut has not benefited working Americans.  Not true.  An exhaustive study by the Cato Institute shows the average family of four pays about $3,000 in taxes less than it did before the cut.
Finally, Ms. Abrams contends that “voter suppression” is a huge national problem when there is not a shred of evidence to back that up.  In fact, Georgia had a near record turnout for the vote on Ms. Abrams’ candidacy.
Even though Stacey Abrams misled all who watched her speech, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said on the air that he liked her talk better than President Trump’s address.
The only thing that I can think of is that Mr. Cooper is a big fan of Jon Lovitz, the compulsive liar on Saturday Night Live.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.
Then there’s the border wall thing.  The left is saying it’s a fabricated crisis, that it’s fear-mongering by President Trump and his allies.  Hard to believe when tens of thousands of migrants are being bused to the U.S. border with the intent of illegally crossing into the USA.  And then there’s the tons of narcotics that are smuggled across the border by murderous cartels.
But no worries, mate.  It’s fear-mongering bunky.
Finally, late term abortion.  It was actually applauded in New York State by people who apparently believe that the vague category of a “woman’s health” is a valid reason to terminate a baby who could live outside the womb.
In Virginia, the governor there agrees with Adolf Hitler that even a birthed baby can be executed if the mother doesn’t want it.  The T-4 program in Nazi Germany killed an estimated 300,000 babies.  What’s the difference from the brutal idiocy coming out of Richmond?
There is truth in the world but it is now being obscured by fanatics who want to advance their political agenda at any cost - even if that means terminating infants alive in front of them.  What say you, Kamala Harris?
It is my job to tell you the truth so here it is - too many Americans are more than happy to accept lies and turn the other way while bad things happen.
That kind of national attitude will lead to disaster.  It’s just a matter of time.
One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy
The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything  
Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
Mark Twain
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I don't know why anyone would take CNN’s Anderson Cooper seriously, it's funny how he pretends to be an unbiased mediator when he is as biased as they come. Also can't stand their arrogance to think people are so dumb they'll just fall off their every manipulative and corrupt words. It's a wicked person surrounding themselves with those who agree and then becoming all the more emboldened by it, after all, any disagreement is racism, sexism, homophobia etc.

Same thing has happened here in Australia with our Q&A on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I used to be able to watch it several years ago (before same sex marriage was on the table) now it's as stacked as can be, the audience is stacked, the questions are stacked and the debate is rigged.

I hope more and more people wake up, so glad Trump calls them fake news and that he was actually able to win that rigged election (Trump's victory proved to the world that democracy still works). It's sometimes scary just how effective propaganda can be on ignorant masses, especially those without a stationary moral compass (Christ) since for them anything is up for grabs and everything is negotiable, even to the cold blooded mass murdering of children all while disguising it with deceptive words like 'choice' and 'reproductive rights' etc.

God Bless You
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