Potty training is nasty business
My eldest son learned to use a urinal when he was out with his father somewhere (I can't remember where).  He came home all excited.  The next day, he "taught" his brothers how to do it - in the shower.  No kidding, it gets quiet (which means someone is doing something they shouldn't) and I come up to boys lined up peeing in the shower!   Big Grin  I thanked my husband for teaching an important life lesson and made those boys clean the bathroom . . .    It's funny how much more accurate boys can be when they are actually responsible for cleaning up the messes they make!
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Well, it's not really about potty training but this seems an appropriate thread. As I posted a few days ago I've become a grandfather again. It's my youngest son's first, and this evening he messaged us, 'I'll never look at stone ground mustard the same.' After I stopped laughing, I messaged back, 'Welcome to parenthood!'
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Big Grin  Tell him that when I brought my youngest home from the NICU, I had to text pictures of his poop to his team of nurses, the dietician, and the lactation consultant.  It could always be worse!
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Ask him if his newborn's poop smells like popcorn.  Then make popcorn next time he visits.

That's always worth a laugh. Big Grin
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Nope.  Get a bunch of candy bars of varying sorts.  Melt them into a few newborn sized diapers and quiz him on the different types of baby poo reflected in those "samples."  Then offer him a piece of candy . . .

My dad calls a poopy diaper a chocolate surprise . . . It's just not a good surprise! Smile
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