Exposé of AIPAC
When watching the first 5 minute of this, consider: we Yanks can't have the 5 and a half billion it'd take to build a wall to protect our southern border, but... (and Obama can build walls in Jordan using our money!):


Note that there are a number of things said in that video with which I disagree. I'm posting it for the purposes of showing what AIPAC's up to, what Traficant and McKinney say, etc.
The conflation, in some people's minds, of "conservatism" with "unwavering, uncritical support for anything Israel does" is so incredibly annoying. And dangerous -- at least to the lives of our young people in the armed forces (never mind the damage to our wallets). Styxehnammer666 -- a pagan of some sort, but very much worth listening to when it comes to political matters -- gets it (mind the language):

T h e   D u d e t t e   A b i d e s
Meanwhile, a congresswoman call out AIPAC for having too much influence in our government, and is forced by both sides of the aisle to apologize. 

Hmmm...   Seems to prove your point, Vox. Big Grin
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