Is any one of you fishies homeschooling? Please share!

Dear daughter (kid #5) and I are into our second week of homeschooling. I've been spending a hunk of time online digging up the various resources available--online. OMGosh, there's a plethora of programs to peruse. Here's some of the more fabulous finds:

We still haven't settled on an actual curriculum, and it's so late in the year we my well finish the next three months "unschooling", which means we'll just carry on in the different courses using the basic guidelines for what a 7th grader should be covering and then go where the wind takes us from there. We're both enjoying this so far.
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We homeschool. My dh is not Catholic so that affects our schooling choices. But I’ve done Our Lady of Victory distance school which was great. I’d also highly recommend Seton as their books are amazing.
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I'm homeschool 4 of my 6 right now (eldest is 25 and youngest is 2 - they are both obviously not in school).  We use Mother of Divine Grace.  Why?  Like Seton and Our Lady of Victory, they are classically minded.  But, what I like is the Charlotte Mason emphasis in the younger grades and the flexibility involved in that there are few workbooks involved.  The reading lists are fun and range quite a bit.  We enjoy it.
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My wife and I are fans of Seton, since it's pretty comprehensive of all subjects, and they can tailor the curricula to individual students based on their needs.

4th and 5th grade had a problem decent science curriculum too, iirc.
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