Wheat + Oat Soaking to reduce phytate content. Will it work?
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Grains posses something called phytic acid which is an antinutrient that binds to minerals and prevents their absorpition. Once bound to a mineral, it's called phytate. Phytase is an enzyme that degrades phytates, allowing for the release of these nutrients. It is activated by an acidic medium through soaking or is produced by bacteria during fermentation. I am not yet sure if it decomposes the phytic acid or if it's still present in the water and may rebind to minerals. These are two independent chemicals. Grains can have either high phytates and low phytase, vice versa, or even high phytates and high phytase.
Oats have relatively high phytate content and low phytase, which is further destroyed once the grain is cracked and/or heated. So soaking rolled oats is basically pointless.

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