The Levels Of Purgatory
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The Levels Of Purgatory

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From Forums of the Virgin Mary (translated):

Purgatory is a place or state of purification prior to entering Heaven.

It is reached by those who have some remnant stains of sins they committed on earth, b
ecause in Heaven arrive only the pure. Therefore it is reasonable to suppose that purgative souls are gradually purified.

And that is what explains the existence of levels in him, as has been revealed.

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Numerous saints and seers have visited purgatory with Our Lady or have had visions of it.
And they have spoken of those levels and of the purification and the sufferings that there are in each one.

Obviously, our knowledge of purgatory is limited.

Because human beings are incapable of fully understanding God.

Only He knows how much He must purify us because only He knows the secret corners of the soul.

And only He knows how He should do it .

But we can assume that the situation is harder for those who are in the lower levels of purgatory. 

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The Catholic Church believes in the existence of purgatory as a place or state after death, where we are purified of some spots, to be able to enter the sky pure.

Saint Francis of Rome
 had visions of purgatory, heaven, and hell.

It was revealed to him that the main pain suffered by the poor souls in purgatory is the longing to be with God.

And he has said that purgatory has three levels.

The lowest level is a fiery sea where people have sufferings related to the sins they committed.

The intermediate level is less rigorous but also has its unpleasant parts.

And the highest is a level of expectation, because it is populated by those who are closest to being liberated.

In this process of purification, our prayers and sacrifices can be of great help to those people who are in purification.

 [resources: books on purgatory]

Some mystics have said that the people in purgatory see us when we pray for them and strengthen themselves with this vision .

There have been several saints who have liberated souls from purgatory through prayers, sacrifices, and offerings of Masses. Among them we can name San

Luis Bertrand, San Malaquías, San Vicente Ferrer, Santa Teresa de Ávila, San Padre Pío.

And many seers have been visited by souls in purgatory to ask for prayers for their liberation, such as Mary Simma.

The visionary Mirjana of Medjugorje visited the purgatory
 carried by the Queen of Peace and said there are several levels in it.

The lowest level is the closest to hell, where suffering is the most intense.

“The highest level is the closest to Heaven, and there the suffering is the least.

“The level you are in depends on the state of purity of your soul.

“The lower the level of people in purgatory, the less they can pray and the more they suffer .

“The higher the level a person has in purgatory, the easier it is to pray, the more he enjoys prayer, and the less he suffers . “

Our Lady has also informed you that,
“The more you pray on Earth, the higher your level will be in purgatory.”

And also she has asked, “Let us pray for the souls in purgatory. They are unable to pray for themselves.

“Through prayer, we on earth can do much to help them.”

He also revealed that Christmas Day is when the greatest number of souls leave purgatory for Heaven.

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The information given by Drythelm, a monk to whom hell was shown, is that in the lower reaches of purgatory, in the bowels of the earth, there are those who have seriously offended God and who should have gone to hell.

But they did not because of last minute mercy, last minute regret, last minute respite.

At the low level there are probably murderers, occultists, abortionists, rapists, child molesters, thieves, tyrants, sadists, and those who participate in various criminal activities.

It is very likely that repentant adulterers, sodomites, and idolaters will also be found .

No matter the sin, if a person repents he is saved from eternal fire, and instead finds his way to the fire of purgatory. 
But with everything that fire implies! It has always been described as hotter than any earthly fire.

There, an hour of torment is more terrible than a lifetime of suffering on earth.

Said Drythelm:

“I have seen souls that are in a well covered with fantastic heat and there are testimonies of souls of the dead who return as apparitions and did things such as leaving a mark of a burned hand on a wooden door, as if it had been made with hot iron.”

There was a valley of 
all fire on one side and all ice and snow on the other, on one hand embers and cauldrons of fire, in the other the most intense cold and the explosion of a glacial wind.

This mysterious valley was full of innumerable souls, who, shaken as by a furious tempest, threw themselves from one place to another.

When they could no longer withstand the violence of the fire, they sought relief in the midst of ice and snow; but they found only a new torture, and they threw themselves back into the middle of the flames.

It may surprise you that there is fire in purgatory, but as it is mentioned by many mystics, God purifies with his fire.
And the lower levels of purgatory are similar to Hell. 

The soul may even have a disfigured or bestial quality but unlike hell those who are at any level of Purgatory have the consolation of knowing that their souls are safe and that one day they will be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

No matter the intensity of a person’s suffering (and it is very intense) there is the consoling reality that God exists and that one day they will be in His Presence.

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A woman who tried to commit suicide in 1991 recalled a death experience in which she descended on a plane of shadows with black fog swirling around her.

The fog formed a barrier that kept her prisoner and it was as if she were in space but without any stars.

What comes to mind again are the “outer darkness” that Christ refers to in Matthew 8:12, because of the fog like mass of mist — “it seemed to be formed of molecules of intense darkness” — and the woman, Angie Fenimore, of the state of Washington, saw men and women of all ages, but not children.

People were squatting or wandering and it seemed that there was a darkness that flowed from the depths of their being. They were paralyzed by the fog. They were so absorbed with her, so trapped in their own affliction, that they could not prove their mental or emotional state.

From the Soviet Union came a similar testimony of a man whose sin was atheism .

Like suicide, atheism robs God of His role as creator.

The man, a doctor named George Rodonaia, descended to a very scary place when he “died” in 1976 after being run over by a car.

Dr. Rodonaia (now deceased, but who became a Christian minister) had died for hours, until a pathologist started cutting his abdomen during an autopsy!

Just as Angie had found herself in a realm of total darkness, he said the darkness was absolute, “darker than any darkness, blacker than any black color and he was both surprised and horrified.

He was surprised that he existed without a body and horrified by the emptiness he was in.

It was only when he turned from his negativity that the Light of God broke that horrible darkness.

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In 1873 a holy nun identified only as Sister M. of LC in a French convent began to hear prolonged sighs at her side.

The strange noises of an invisible presence continued and came closer and closer.

In February of 1874, after much prayer and many Communions, the presence finally identified Sister M as the spirit of a second nun whom we will call Sister O, who had also been in the convent, but who died several years before and I was now in purgatory.

The great sinners who were indifferent to God, and religious who were not what they should have been , are in the lowest stage of purgatory,” revealed Sister O.
“While they are there, the prayers offered for them do not apply to them.
“Because they have ignored God during their lives, He now in their turn leaves them abandoned in order that they may repair their negligent and worthless lives.

“While on earth you can not truly imagine what God really is, in purgatory we can know and understand what He is.

“Because our souls are freed from all the bonds that bind us and that prevent us from realizing holiness and seeing the majesty of God, and His great mercy.

“We are martyrs, consumed, so to speak, by love.

“An irresistible force draws us to God, who is our center, but at the same time, another force throws us back to our place of atonement.

“We are in a state of not being able to satisfy our desires.

“Oh, what suffering implies, but we desire it and there is no murmuring against God here.

“We want only what God wants

“You on earth, however, can not possibly understand what we have to endure. I am calm, since I am no longer in the fire.

“Now I only have the insatiable desire to see God
 , a cruel suffering enough in fact, but I believe that the end of my exile is near and that I am ready to leave this place, where I leave for God with all my heart.

“I can talk to you about the different degrees of purgatory because I’ve been through them.

“In the great Purgatory there are several stages.

“In the lowest and most painful, it is like a temporary inferno, there are the sinners who have committed terrible crimes during their lives and whose death surprised them in that state.

“It was almost a miracle that they were saved, and often it was through prayers of holy fathers or other pious people.

“Sometimes they do not even have time to confess their sins and the world thought they were lost, but God, whose mercy is infinite, gave them at the time of death the necessary contrition for their salvation because of one or more good deeds that led out during life.

“For these souls, purgatory is terrible. It is a real hell, with the difference that in hell God is cursed, while we bless him and thank him for saving us.

“Next to these come the souls, that although they did not commit great crimes like the others, they were indifferent to God.
“They did not fulfill their Easter duties and they also became the moment of death.
“Maybe they were unable to receive Holy Communion.

“They are in purgatory for the long years of indifference.

“They suffer unknown pains and are abandoned, either without prayers or if they are said to be for them, they are not allowed to take advantage of them.

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“In the second purgatory are the souls of those who died with venial sins that were not completely expiated before death.
“Or with deadly sins that were forgiven, but for which they have not fully satisfied divine justice. In this part of purgatory, there are also different degrees, according to the merits of each soul.

“Finally, there is the purgatory of desire that is called the threshold.
“Very few escape from this .
“To avoid it altogether, one must ardently desire the Heaven and the Vision of God.

“That’s strange, more so than what people think, because even Godly people are afraid of God and do not, therefore, have enough desire to go to Heaven.

“This purgatory has its very painful martyrdom like the others.

“The deprivation of sight of our beloved Jesus adds to the intense suffering. It is a continuous martyrdom. It makes me suffer more than the fire of purgatory.

“The sky is so beautiful. There is a great distance between purgatory and Heaven.

“We have the privilege sometimes to glimpse the joy of the blessed in paradise, but it is almost a punishment.

“It makes us want to see God.

“In Heaven everything is pure delight; in purgatory, deep darkness. Oh, how I want to go to Heaven. What a martyrdom we suffer once we have seen God!”

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Maria Simma
 says that in the lower levels satan can still attack souls, and that it does not happen in the higher levels.

It is true that we are tested here on earth and that the test stops with our death. However, the souls of the deepest purgatory have to suffer for the sins they have committed before taking advantage of our prayers, our Masses, and our good deeds. The continuous attack of Satan is part of this suffering.

The levels of purgatory are as different as our diseases on earth can range from a simple inflammation of a nail to diseases capable of consuming the body like fire.

There is this fire only in the lower levels of purgatory. His suffering is more serious, especially in the third level, the lowest.

It is not fair, what many theologians teach today, that Heaven, purgatory and hell are only conditions.
The three are also places.

Some souls remain there only half an hour and others for the rest of the time, until the last day.
The souls say that the average time is around forty years.

When we are told that a soul must suffer for a time due in purgatory, it is only because we can not understand the pain that can not expressed in terms of time.

They say they do not realize they do not have their body.

They have a transfigured body that can appear recovered and dressed.

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The angel took Saint Francis of Rome to the lowest level of purgatory
 , to a cavern full of fire, its red-hot flames were cut through the black smoke that darkened the cave.

But as horrible as it was, Francisca said it was not as hot as hell. 

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see the bodies submerged in what appeared to be a cauldron of fire that enveloped them in flames, pulling them down .

He was told that these were souls who had been guilty of committing serious sins, had confessed and were absolved of their sins by the priest, but had not
satisfied the harm caused by their actions against God.

In this vision, he was told that for every mortal sin committed and forgiven, there was a payment of seven years of reparation in purgatory because it was necessary to erase it from the soul. [Others say true contrition and humility can erase any sin, and that there are no set “sentences.”]

Since the damage caused by each mortal sin affects the world differently, some more deadly and lasting, the amount of time and punishment is different.

The type of pain and suffering that each of these souls had was proportional to the type of sin, the damage done by the sins, and the number of wounds inflicted on the Sacred Heart of Our Lord for these sins.

At this level, he met the poor souls of lay people and religious, alike.

The conversion to the Lord and his Church is a gift from God for us, since only the Holy Spirit can convert the hearts of men.
Since they had not paid their debt on earth, they had to make up the Lord’s bill here in purgatory.

The souls of the religious were those who had not kept the vows they had professed.

As soon as this was explained, San Francisca saw the soul of a priest who was very well known.

He had a cover on his face, to try to hide the ugly stain he had left.

Now, this priest had led a truly priestly life, as a good steward of the Sacraments and as a shepherd of his flock.

His only sin had been an uneasy gluttony over food, instead of seeking his reward in God’s Creation.

[resources: books on purgatory]

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One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
Art Bell
I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth.
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Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
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All War is Deception
Gen. Sun

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This really gives me something to think about.  There are things I've done in the past that make me fear and wonder what kind of punishment they merit if I don't do reparations here on earth.  I don't know if I would have enough time on earth to do the proper penance.

I may wander, but I'm not lost!  :bee: 
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  • Zedta
(03-14-2019, 12:20 AM)JoyLily Wrote: This really gives me something to think about.  There are things I've done in the past that make me fear and wonder what kind of punishment they merit if I don't do reparations here on earth.  I don't know if I would have enough time on earth to do the proper penance.


Just remember, 'reparations' made here on earth are of much more merit than those in Purgatory, relatively speaking, of course.

This existence, in a virtual 'matrix', is a period of testing and learning. To learn and respond to an adverse situation on earth (one that leads us towards sanctity) is of more merit when you do them of your own free will here, than under duress and out of necessity, in purgatory.

At least, from my viewpoint. But then I am no expert.
One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
Art Bell
I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth.
Jessie Ventura

Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
Mark Twain

All War is Deception
Gen. Sun

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C.S. Lewis

Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners.
George Carlin

“In a time of deceit…truth is a revolutionary act”
George Orwell
(03-14-2019, 10:26 AM)Zedta Wrote: Just remember, 'reparations' made here on earth are of much more merit than those in Purgatory, relatively speaking, of course.

The souls in purgatory cannot merit (at least in any strict theological sense of that term), in the same way there is no merit in heaven or hell.

Once this life ends the opportunity for merit ends, because our will is fixed on the chosen goal. That is theologically certain, since the contrary would be heretical. Were it true someone dying in the state of mortal sin might be saved, someone dying in the state of grace might still be damned, an infant dying without baptism could be saved (and there would then be no obligation to Baptize or need).

The souls in purgatory do not "repair" for sin, as much as they pay back through sufferings, the debt of temporal punishment remaining. Their suffering is not meritorious, but is reformative and purgative, removing from them what impedes their union to God. The great theologian Fr Garrigou-Lagrange writes in his treatise on grace, "The good works of the blessed and of the souls in purgatory are not meritorious, because God has not ordained them to a reward ... in the souls detained in purgatory, acts of charity are no longer meritorious, although free, good, supernatural, and performed in obedience to God."

He continues :
Quote:Without this divine ordination and promise, our good works would give us no right to a reward, since they are already due to God by several other titles, such as creation, supreme dominion, final end. Therefore, even if God had not promised us a reward, man ought to love God above all things.

This doctrine is based on Holy Scripture : "The man that endureth temptation . . . when he hath been proved, . . . shall receive the crown of life, which God hath promised to them that love Him" ( Jas. I : 12) ; "He that cometh to God, must believe that He is, and is a rewarder to them that seek Him" (Heb. I I :6) . The Council of Trent (Sess. VI, chap. 16; Denz., no. 809) defines : "To those who work well unto the end, hoping in God, eternal life is offered both as the grace mercifully promised to the sons of God through Christ Jesus and as the reward faithfully rendered to their good works by the promise of the same God."

Since the reward of justification and salvation is already given (even if in the souls in purgatory it is not fully experienced), there good works do not obtain a reward they already have. The souls in purgatory also do not have freedom to undergo these purgative fires, because it is God who is causing the purgation in them.

As regards the alleged Maria Simma apparitions (referenced in the Spirit Daily article) she was a supporter of Garabandal and Medjugore. That doesn't make here statements necessarily wrong or her alleged apparitions of souls in purgatory false, but it certainly doesn't help her case.

On the surface, things might seem a bit off, but perhaps just part of the mystical experience. Once one starts getting into Simma's works and statements in more depth problems quickly creep in, and statements at variance with the Catholic Faith.

For instance in her The Souls in Purgatory told me, she is asked if persons of non-Catholic religions and the Jews visited her from purgatory. She says "yes, and they are very happy, those that live well in their own faith are happy."

Of course the Catholic teaching is that it is possible, though extremely unlikely to the point of a very few cases, that despite a false religion through some extraordinary means, God could save a soul, but this statement of Simma favors heresy and is pretty near to heresy itself. But in the same interview she then denies that there are any false religions which are harmful to souls. In the same interview she claims that suicides and those who die of overdoses are saved, although she admits she has simply not ever seen a case of a lost soul from these, and it is possible that some may lose their souls.

In another work she tells the story of someone who was trying to call her out writing and asking the fate of souls in purgatory (which she was happy to give — and should be a big red flag). She said that a notorious prostitute who died suddenly was saved because her last thought was that at least she would never again offend God (which is not perfect contrition at all, but the "contrition" of Judas), and after a short stay in Purgatory was now in heaven, but the local priest who denied Christian Burial to this manifest sinner who died without any outward repentence, exactly what Church law and moral law demand, was in Purgatory for doing so.

Maria Simma may have simply been deceived, but it is pretty clear that the inspiration for these things is not supernatural in origin. Præternatural (from the devils), perhaps.

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