Bought a tcl 6 series and its started flickering.
Bought the new 6 series tcl 55' for 600 just 4 days ago. Messed with some settings today because the picture looked blurry. I turned it off for a few hours and now its acting funny. The home screen came up and then the screen went black till I pressed the button on the remote controller,then it flickered back on.

Should I return this TV asap or just wait to see if it happens again? I just bought it so I think best buy has a 30 day warranty.
I’d return it. I’ve read a lot about these “cheap” TV’s from Consumer Report’s, various blogs and even the reviews by people who bought them, lots of problems and issues making them unwatchable after a short period of ownership. The manufacturer support is practically nonexistent.
You’ll need to consider a TV at least twice the price you paid from reputable companies like LG, Samsung, etc.
Say no to NO.
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A lot of stuff coming out of China seems to be problematic. Case in point: Boeing 737 Max 8.

BTW: Ya don't see many Chinese cars or truck in the US either. They're junk, like most of the stuff made there.
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I used to sell special offer tv's from time to time.
As long as they work, and they can work flawlessly for years, they are a great purchase.
When they go bad they are done.  Period.
Return it.  Always remember to keep your receipts!!

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