Can I go to Mass in China now?
I'm flying to China for a week-long business trip tomorrow.  I heard something about Rome regularizing the government approved church in China, much to Cardinal Zen's chagrin.  That being said, is it okay for me to go to Mass in China now at a government approved church?  Conversely, if I choose not to go and miss my Sunday obligation, would that constitute a sin?
Hi AllSeasons,

Personally, I would stay out of the Nationalist church... it's not the REAL Church; it's the creation of a corrupt, communist government.

Take your Missal with you and if it doesn't get confiscated by Chinese Customs, read the Mass in your hotel room and confess it when get back.

All that said, what does your parish priest have to say about it?

Be well and enjoy life. :)

- Corniche
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