Video: Saul Alinsky and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Dr. Taylor Marshall talks with the director of the Lepanto Institute about the nastiness that's been going on for decades in the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (the CCHD). Among other things, they talk about how Alinsky met with Pope Paul VI three times before Montini became Pope, how most Bishops support the CCHD (and how some refuse!), etc. 

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I see your Alinsky/CCHD video and raise you an Alinsky/CCHD video.


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I don't have a hand in this game, but before I fold, I just have to say that any contact I've had over the years with anything connected to CCHD has made me come away with the greatest need to take a good shower. Then there is Catholic Charities, which I have found to be a contradiction in terms.

It is sad that so many 'progressives' have infiltrated the Church's administrative circles so deeply. I think the Administration of Dear Mother Church is filled with shadowy, nefarious people who are talking like literal communists. It almost looks like the radical Jesuits, who came up with Liberation Theology out of Argentina, have got their collective hands around the Dear Mother Church. I don't mean to impute all of CCHD or CC' staff, there are always those trying to make a difference and bettering an organization. However, I think in the cases of these two, out of so many, are in deep with severe problems.

May the true Mother of the Church, Our Lord's dearest Mother, protect us from this evil, that with the aid of Her Son and Her Dear St, Joseph, find remedy and end to this aberration of evil intent and give the faithful our Mother Church back.

If only we could keep her. sad
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