Ladies, what to expect your first time?
Ladies, a sensitive question. I’ll be becoming one flesh with my beloved in just a few weeks. I’m pretty nervous. What should I expect? Any advice? Tips? Warnings? 

Thank you. I want a Catholic perspective since googling this question is a really bad idea.

St. Mary of Egypt, Ora Pro Nobis!

Don't expect things to go smoothly.  It'll be awkward, and um, things won't exactly fit the first couple of times (or a few times in my case).  Lubricant can help with this (Pre-Seed is a good one if you're trying for a baby!)  Have fun with it as you're learning about each other on another level.  Don't be afraid to laugh (there was a funny phrase my now husband promised he wouldn't say during our first time because I told him it would be a turn-off, but when we were having a bit of trouble, he said it to break the tension and I burst out laughing!)  Don't drink too much (my aunts suggested that I get drunk to ease my nerves, ugh!)  Try different positions.  Oh, and it'll probably hurt (it's a little different for everyone).  It'll also be a little messy.  Cuddles and kisses are highly recommended after!

I'm not a Catholic (yet!), but I hope this gives you an idea.  Many people bring in expectations of sex scenes from movies and books and then are let down when it doesn't happen that way.  I grew up with such images in my head and it took a while to build a more realistic view.  Prayer beforehand can help, and if you really get nervous, watch a cute cat video or something that makes you both laugh before your start.  I did. Kitty Cat


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It will be awkward at first. Romantic music helps. Lots of kisses and cuddles. Long foreplays. I was quite nervous with my first time.
It wasn't what I expected after all, it was a good experience. Don't be too nervous. Just be yourself, express the love that you have for your husband. I hope it went well with your first. God bless.
Expect the unexpected! Cheers! And cheers....Once the babies start coming along you two will never have another irresponsible moment in your entire life. Jaca's routing for you, SacraCor!!!   Cheerleader
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