Could you please pray for me to either patiently bear my illness or to have it removed? I recently vomited twice and in the days since, I can’t use much energy or it will leave me winded and unable to do much of anything. For example, I went to a restaurant two days ago and because the vomiting the day before had left me so sick, I didn’t eat anything that day, so the restaurant food was my first real meal in about 24 hours. This was enough to make my stomach pressurized and sore. Yesterday, I tried to get some exercise, and this left me with no energy for the rest of the day. I can barely bring myself to drink water or brush my teeth.

Thank you.
Pray Pray Pray Ill put you in my prayers.

Get better!
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Pray Apparently, St. Timothy is the go-to for stomach ailments.  My prayers for his intercession on your behalf!

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