Hand-kissing and Strangeness
Father Rydzyk is quite a controversial figure in Poland. Ask any Pole about „Radio Maryja” or „Telewizja Trwam” (TV-Twram), which Rydzyk founded, and you’ll hear many criticisms, some simply anti-religious. Other criticisms from religious persons reflect a a concern that Father Rydzyk wrongly exploits his priestly charisma for the sake of business. 

There are also numerous allegations of personal corruption against Father Rydzyk. He supposedly bought himself a Jaguar from the donations he received (about 10 years ago, if I remember correctly). More recently, Father Rydzyk openly acknowledged receiving a few Volkswagen cars from a supposedly homeless man who won the lottery (here is the original in Polish, http://namasce.pl/samochody-dla-tadeusza...nformacji/). That last story sounds a bit suspicious, but who knows, nothing is impossible. 

I will leave with this conclusion about Father Rydzyk. Many of his detractors are simply anti-religious entities/people wishing to cast aspersions on the Church and the clergy. Nevertheless, Father Rydzyk doesn’t choose his battles wisely, and attracts undo attention that only adds fuel to his critics, especially in matters of financial assets.

Back to the hand-kissing. Honestly, Father Rydzyk’s behavior is somewhat quirky anyway, so it might just be that he doesn’t like being kissed on the hand, just like some people don’t like to be touched. I don’t know. But what is clear is that either the Catholic Church doesn’t have very clear rules about hand-kissing, or these rules have been abandoned. Probably the former, but I would need to read up more.

As an Orthodox, I will say that we have entire ritualized occasions for kissing a priest’s hand. One example, when the priest anoints your head with the anointing brush, you then kiss his right hand (the hand holding the brush). In all the other cases that I can recall of the top of my head, the priest performs some kind of blessing (invoking the sign of cross), followed by kissing the priest’s hand. At least for us Orthodox the rules are quite clear. 

Maybe someone like MM will provide more information about the Catholic rules for hand-kissing, to offer a better background for discussion.

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