Somewhat urgent prayer request
I haven't been to the dentist in way, way too long, and since moving, I’ve needed to do some paperwork and things before I could get my insurance in order. Well, I'm at the step where I can apply for health insurance, but the website said they may have found me in their system and to call customer service, which I did. Customer service's robotic person said more or less the same thing as my online experience (“We cannot confirm your identity,” which led to the “Call customer service” message). I need to try another menu option when I call again to see if I can get a real person on the line.

I have a wedding in August and some spots that look like newly formed/forming cavities. I'm brushing my teeth three times a day, doing my best to keep my teeth as healthy as possible. Could you please pray that my teeth will be protected from serious damage and that I can see a dentist soon? I lost a tooth to an abscess in my teens and I don't want to lose any more.

If you could pray for my fiance's teeth as well, that would be great. He cracked about half of a tooth on a soft cookie, which neither of us understand, but he hasn't been able to see a dentist because he's having trouble with some sort of paperwork, which simultaneously says it's active and not active.

Thank you. God bless you, fishies.
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As a note, some people say that taking vitamin K2 can help with teeth issues. Worth looking into.
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So sorry to hear this. Teeth are a very important part of daily life that we often take for granted.

Sometimes if you tell the dentist office you are uninsured, they will give you a discounted rate.

Prayers <3
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Thank you both for your prayers and advice! I’m definitely using this experience as a lesson to keep regular checkups and appointments with my dentist scheduled in the future.
I will pray but wanted to add that it is best to wait to brush a while after eating because the enamel can become soft, especially from acid foods. It is possible to brush off some enamel when it is soft. Just rinse with water after eating and wait 20 minutes.

Insurance is a pain!
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Thank you! That’s very good to know.
:pray: :pray:
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I called customer service again and spoke with a representative. She overrode the pop-up that was keeping me from filing my application. My fiance and I worked on it today. Now I just need to wait for my application to be received and reviewed for eligibility.

Prayers for eligibility would also be appreciated. Thank you again!

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