Dumbest Anti-Catholic nonsense you've seen
What's the dumbest anti-catholic nonsense you've come across online or elsewhere?

For me, it has to be the incredibly stupid Jesuit nonsense, where the Jesuits are literally blamed for everything from major wars, 9/11, and the holocaust. The worst of those who promote it are people like Eric Jon Phelps (who wrote the book "Vatican Assassins") and Thomas Richards (AKA YouTube user "tlthe5th). The latter promotes the fraud Alberto Rivera (who claimed the church invented Islam) and labels those who debunk Rivera to be Jesuit agents or something else derogatory. A Non-Catholic named Gary Dale Cearley actually wrote a book debunking Rivera and Richards claims the author is a "Vatican Shill."

Here are two blog posts by Cearley showing how insane Richards is. Check out the comments section as well.



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