Dumbest Anti-Catholic nonsense you've seen
I used to coach softball.  Had a Catholic player who went to an expensive, exclusive private religious school in town.  If you were Protestant, this was the school you dreamed of sending your kids to.
My Catholic player was ridiculed in the classroom, by a teacher, for being Catholic.  The teacher told the classroom that Catholics were cannibals.  Mom talked to the principal and the teacher apologized if the family was offended by what she said.  She never corrected her statements to the classroom full of kids
I dabbled in Protestantism. They knew I was Catholic and it mostly went well.   Went to a weekend thing.  Men went one weekend, women went another.  They wanted us to write down our sins and literally nail them onto a cross they had laying on the floor.  I stayed quiet and respectful but I did not participate in this particular activity.   So, some of the ladies decided to lay hands on me and pray for me.
A guy friend of mine went to the men's weekend of the above.  After spending a nice weekend of male bonding/caring and sharing, each man was asked to say a few words about how the weekend had impacted his relationship with Jesus.   My friend was waiting to speak when the guy next to him, the guy he had been caring and sharing with all weekend, asked him if he could do this last activity since my friend is Catholic and worships statues.
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