Dumbest Anti-Catholic nonsense you've seen
Not sure if this is anti-Catholic, but accusation of idolatry when being concerned about preservation of churches (e.g. Notre Dame) or the aesthetics of a church (rejecting modern day architecture for Catholic churches). This is usually followed by selecting a Bible verse saying that the church is within its followers, be it on top of a mountain or around a campfire. Next is saying that the sex abuse scandals invalidates whatever the Church says about, well, anything. Usually Protestants who come up with this stuff. I'm not sure who said it, but someone referred to Protestants as "our retarded cousins." Not my words. Other groups like "I was raised Catholic" types yet have zero clue about the faith (at best they know the responses and still have muscle memory of when to kneel and stand during mass) who are fallen away or non-believers, be it agnostic or atheists, also have their moments. Sprinkled across these groups are people who truly, like truly, have no idea about Catholicism and think it's one cult gathering both at mass and in Catholic schools. One person actually was very proud of public schools because they supposedly taught about various world religions even though proof is in the pudding that products of public schools are no more religiously literate than, say, students taught in Catholic schools about Catholicism.
Unfortunately I don't have any "fun facts" about me unless being a practicing Catholic counts.

Trying to get better every day week.

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