Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
My 4th suspension from CAF ended today and I was reinstated to the forum.  Upon login, I was able to access the three comments that got me suspended:

#1.  (I believe in reference to recent comments by Archbishop Shneider).  "Let's be honest here, the fact that such a work even has to be published affirms the obvious observation that this current pontificate is one of confusion, needless change, and questionable teaching.  To deny the obvious fact that the Vatican is currently a source of departure from constant teaching is an exercise in extreme wishful thinking.  It makes about as much sense as saying your 3-12 football team is going to make it to the Super Bowl."

#2.  (recent comments about the Pope's overly liberal interpretation of mercy for hardened criminals):  "Not really surprising statements from him.  He certainly sees the world through a Marxist lens of oppressors vs. oppressed.  To him, it seems he makes excuses for anyone in jail; it's not their fault.  They were somehow oppressed by someone else and then made a poor choice not because they sinned or were bad people, but because they had no other option because of their disadvantaged state in life.  Therefore, they shouldn't be completely liable for their crimes and definitely not severely punished, because ultimately it was someone else who somehow led them to commit the crimes in the first place.
Now, he may not have said these words directly, but considering his affinity for many other left-leaning cause out there, it falls in line with what a far-left politician in the US would feel about the justice system."

#3.  (in reference to a post by CAF user "heresyhunter18"):  "Best CAF screen name I've seen.
Anyone with a single brain cell knows that something is afoul with the Vatican when every word that comes out of it needs to be twisted and re-interpreted to even pretend to sound Catholic."

My posts may have been a bit blunt, but I don't think they were uncharitable or false by any means.  But as you can see, CAF ill not tolerate even a hint of frustration with the Vatican.  But plenty of posts are allowed discussing the merits of other religions, homosexuality, etc.
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