Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
(04-09-2019, 09:32 AM)josh987654321 Wrote:
(04-09-2019, 04:08 AM)Credidi Propter Wrote: CAF is really toxic. I don’t see the point in going there, except perhaps to lead people here. They demonstrated to me years ago that they’re not interested in having a constructive conversation about anything.

To my surprise there are a couple really good ones still there, but your right, heaps of very toxic ones also.

If it were not for Francis and the flagrant heretics in the hierarchy of the Church CAF would probably be okay, but they see the hierarchy with rose colored glasses on, only a matter of time before they start making concessions and compromise on the truth if they havn't already in many regards, they certainly suspend and ban people telling the truth about flagrant heretics in the hierarchy of the Church and I suspect they will get worse, hopefully the really good posters there can find their way here. :)

God Bless You

Pre-Francis CAF still had serious problems. Francis, just as in many other situations, has proven most useful in bringing people’s true colors into the light. I try not to think of CAF much, but here is what I remember: 

The resident “Franciscan” would pontificate on all sorts of things like he was the only one who really knew, and because he was a religious no one was allowed to question him.

The moderators would arbitrarily decide that there had been enough discussion on a topic and shut down threads, even though there was clearly more to be said and the junk threads in the section for people with too much time on their hands would be far longer.

Many people on CAF confused orthodox Catholicism with American conservatism. As conservative as I am, I know that having that political view on areas that aren’t moral matters is not a requirement to being a good Catholic. There are many areas in secular affairs where good Catholics can disagree.

The Eastern Catholics on the forum got quite annoying in constantly reminding everyone how things had been done forever in the East and how they were so much better than the Roman Rite.

Then there was the small but loud group who seemed to regard homosexuality as the one sin the cross didn’t cover. One poster actually said that. Someone I know had their faith severely damaged by that crowd’s behavior, and the moderators let them be, without correction or anything, for years.

I do not miss CAF. Even their better days dont seem so good now, when I really think about them. They definitely got a lot worse after Francis, and I’m sure they’ll eventually fade into irrelevance just like EWTN. Other than having a lot of active members, which gave opportunities for lengthy, fast discussions on the Faith so long as the moderators and trolls didn’t close or wreck the threads, CAF was never much of an asset to me.
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