Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
It is a strange atmosphere, and I finally realized it is a WRONG atmosphere. The moderators for the most part (or the whole part?) are "mystery persons"*, hiding behind anonymous covers and they (at least in most cases, though I cannot think of an exception) do not write posts in the forum under their moderator name, so you have no clue where they stand on anything.

I also feel certain they have some members who are daily posters who take it upon themselves to vigilantly police their peers according to their own belief system. They are trusted by the moderators, so, as SOON as they report your post, you are out (or warned, infarcted or suspended). I could name at least one such CAF member but I won't here.  And if you are in a thread one of these informers is has posted in, and he has already decided you must be closely watched, there is no chance you can express a thought that goes against his sensibilities without having it immediately removed and/or the thread closed.

CAF is HIGHLY CENSORED, it's that plain and simple.

In the old format, which I found easier to navigate, I also noticed something else. They have an imposter who posts fake dilemmas - whom I believe may be moderators or the person in charge of the site. These dilemmas are some form of this: "I am a practicing Catholic, but the Church rules [unreasonably harsh is implied here] about contraception or some other thing have me in totally IMPOSSIBLE situation, like, we MUST contracept because it would be IMPOSSIBLE in my wife's extremely rare condition to get pregnant or she would DIE. What can I do?"

The answers to this "dilemma" goes on for pages and pages!  Tons of people spend time explaining how to still be faithful to the church to solve his dilemma, and tons more argue with them. If asked for clarification, the OP has even more reasons why his unique situation makes the Catholic teaching IMPOSSIBLE for him.

So these would be popular posts. Then I started to realize I never heard of anything like this in real life, or anywhere else online, only on CAF, where it was a constant issue. As soon as the thread died down, a new similar situation would be posted. Another unusual story!  But I saw a pattern to the screen names and a common way of the OP's way of "speaking" that made me know it was the same person. At one point I kept a list of the commonality in speech patterns so i could prove it to someone. Then I did not seem likely any connected to CAF would care, since the issue probably came from some moderator or who ran the forum. And probably the CA site is run by a like-minded person who follows the ways of our bishops. I called them out on it in a post in one of these threads one time, and the "Catholic Dilemma" posts slowed down temporarily, but then they started up again.

Problems and injustices at CAF bothered me for far too long, and I realized: it's because of their site name. Catholic.com. It's like being kicked off by the official site of Catholics.

The lack of transparency at CAF mimics that of bishops. They mimic that sense of entitlement the bishops have to act unjustly, while not owing anyone an explanation for any action, because they are the higher ups, and you are to lowly and don't count. Their actions are not to be questioned.

They mimic our hierarchy also in that if they decide to label you "Traditional Catholic", then now you don't matter.

So why even try? CAF only works for you if you get very angry at any poster who dares questions anything that comes out of Vatican II, or dares question ANY action of any bishop or cardinal, and you jump to give them a talking to about how they are the scourge of the Church! And don't dare question any words of the pope! They are the leaders and we are to follow silently. No opinions please! That will bring you happy sunshine on CAF. 

Also it's a bonus if you can report that you have the USCCB app on your iPhone, and that you follow the USCCB on Facebook -- then you will surely be BFF with the mods and you probably won't every have to worry about any monitoring by the moderators (provided you continue to toe that line).

They just aren't worth it.
* I want to say also that in the old CAF format, before they went black, and possibly also on the new Black CAF (though I haven't't followed as much now that it is Black) I am confident that MOST of those moderators were the SAME PERSON. I felt there were two moderators at most, and that most of them were one and the same guy. MOST have the SAME attitude and the same writing style and "voice". I kept track of some examples of that for awhile, but in the end, I realized they are who they are and nothing I say is going to change it.
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