Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
(07-10-2019, 04:13 PM)St.Eliza Wrote: In the old format, which I found easier to navigate, I also noticed something else. They have an imposter who posts fake dilemmas - whom I believe may be moderators or the person in charge of the site. These dilemmas are some form of this: "I am a practicing Catholic, but the Church rules [unreasonably harsh is implied here] about contraception or some other thing have me in totally IMPOSSIBLE situation, like, we MUST contracept because it would be IMPOSSIBLE in my wife's extremely rare condition to get pregnant or she would DIE. What can I do?"

The answers to this "dilemma" goes on for pages and pages!  Tons of people spend time explaining how to still be faithful to the church to solve his dilemma, and tons more argue with them. If asked for clarification, the OP has even more reasons why his unique situation makes the Catholic teaching IMPOSSIBLE for him.

Don't even speak about these "dilemmas" they're always present there, and one month or two after they get locked by the timer someone will bring them up with a different title... :dodgy:
And about them using the word Catholic, why don't you or anyone else do the same thing some there love to remeber whenever Michael Voris has his name mentioned, and ask the diocese or whoever is in charge of such actions to remove their "ability" of using the word Catholic?
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