Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
At CAF they're hyper sensative about any criticism of the acting Pope, liberal Bishops, the Novus Ordo, ecumenism, Judaism, Islam, and probably several other topics I can't think of at the moment. Post a newslink, to what they would otherwise consider a reliable source to confirm a story that Francis said communists are closet Christians, or Cupich believes practicing homosexuals can receive communion, or Cardinal Burke want's to have a consecration of Russia, and you're just asking for trouble with the moderators. Yet it was completely acceptable for people to post on the Traditional forum on the old site, things like "They tried the Latin Mass at a parish in my diocese, but so few people came to it, the Bishop discontinued it, I much prefer mass in the vernacular anyway", or one of their resident celebrities with his "You don't realise how much you miss out on when you don't attend your local parish", and of course "Do you really think God is more impressed by the mass in Latin". That particular subforum just became a place where people could go to insult a Traditional Catholic.
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