Update: here are the comments that got me suspended from CAF
Funny thing is, while reading St. Louis de Montfort's treatise on the true devotion to the Blessed Virgin I recalled my first moderation there.
In one of the most useless topics, "favorite popes or best popes", I said that St. Pius V was my favorite and mentioned that one of his greatest feats was to defend Catholic Europe from the mahomedan invasion in Lepanto. Guess what happens?
Not just the post was removed, but the moderator felt appropriate to message me showing what was wrong in my post, in bold by the way, and link me to their gigantic set of rules.
I wonder what would happen if I went back there and started to quote St. Louis and his "innapropriate" and "unrespectable" little book. :dodgy:

I don't know if my PC and other gadgets have all changed my preferences and are simply dismissing CAF, but I noticed that their forum no longer appears at the top of Google search, for whenever I searched for something Catholic their forum's pages would be the first results.
Ite ad Ioseph
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