Brown Scapular Questions
1. I have an old brown scapular I need to dispose of. Can I burn it, bury it, or give it to my priest so he can dispose of it properly? I live in the city and don't have a backyard to bury it in or bury the ashes if I burn it.

2. Am I ever allowed to take the scapular off for any reason? What about to shower so it doesn't get wet and moldy so fast?

3. Can young children wear a scapular as long as there is no danger of them choking?

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1. Talk to a priest

2. You can take it off when you shower, or honestly whenever you like. Keep in mind that it's a devotional and not a magic "get to heaven free" item. The requirements for the scapular are the same as just leading a holy, Catholic life. I think some people tread a little close to superstition with the scapular tbh (I've been guilty of this).

3. Kids are typically enrolled upon the scapular, but like anything I would keep it away from toddlers or infants.
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(04-16-2019, 11:31 AM)SacraCor714 Wrote: 2. Am I ever allowed to take the scapular off for any reason? What about to shower so it doesn't get wet and moldy so fast?

I have worn mine for some three and a half years now. Showered with it almost everyday, worked with it on. It has seen its far share of the elements. Still in good condition, no mold, no stink. I never take it off for anything.

Maybe a little bit of the superstition, but if you want my Scapular off of me you'll have to kill me first.
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“’ll have to kill me first.”

This is my attitude toward my Rosary.

As for burning, I don’t believe you need to bury it afterwards. I’ve been burning sacramentals that are old, worn, etc, and letting the wind handle the ashes. If this is improper, someone please inform me.

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