Baseball pitching nun to be on a baseball card
Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, the nun who threw the opening pitch for the White Sox last year, is going to be featured on a baseball card that will be available in July.

My boys are huge baseball fans. I may have to pick up a couple of these cards for them.

From USA Today:

Quote:Viral star Sister Mary Jo Sobieck gets her own baseball card

Gabriella Novello, USA TODAYPublished 4:31 p.m. ET April 9, 2019 | Updated 5:40 p.m. ET April 9, 2019

Last summer, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck went viral on social media when she bounced a baseball off of her bicep, threw a perfect strike, and struck a pose for the camera before a Chicago White Sox game.

Now, she's on a 2019 Topps baseball card.

Sobieck, who is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Ill., autographed 260 cards Monday at the collectible's debut. She received $1,000 for being on the card and donated the money to a scholarship fund at Marian Catholic High School, where she teaches.

Already honored with a bobblehead in her likeness, Sobieck's athletic fame isn't over just yet. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sister Sobieck will throw the first pitch on Thursday before the St. Louis Cardinals' game against the Dodgers.

Sobieck is no stranger to being on the field, either. She played shortstop for her high school softball team in Minnesota and also played in college.

Perhaps she'll have another trick up her sleeve for us.

I figured this would be some nice news for a change. :)
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