Nutball bishop denies communion to kneeling folks
Just asking, the value of this particular video a given, who would be filming this during Mass? As Communion is happening, right near the presider. Maybe an "extraordinary minister"? He or she would be standing off to the side, where the old altar rail would have long ago been. This itself seems to me an intrusive action that I aver might not please at least some here on FE...?
The deeds you do may be the only sermon some people may hear today (Francis of Assisi); Win an argument, lose a soul (Fulton Sheen)
This isn't the worst.  It's not great,  but it's not the worst.  There are plenty of priest and bishops who won't even give Communion on the tongue and make a big scene out of it, nevermind while kneeling.  His behavior seemed relatively reserved.  Maybe he's not making a statement.  It could just be that he has a back problem and doesn't know, or forgot, how to properly distribute communion in the traditional fashion.

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