Pleas to the Pope
There's a thread on Twitter that's listing all the times theologians, priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and large groups of laymen have pleaded with Pope Francis and/or the Cardinals and Bishops to do something about confusing and less-than-faithful things spoken by Pope Francis. Thought I'd compile them all here and try to link to the texts of all of them. Are there any we're missing here?:

July 2016: Text
45 scholars' letter to cardinals

August 2016: Text
Filial Appeal signed by, among others, Archbishops Jãnis Cardinal Pujats and Carlo Cardinal Caffarra; Bishops Athanasius Schneider and Andreas Laun; Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke; and theologians, with over 36,000 signatures

August 2016: Text
Professor Josef Seifert’s 28-page-long critique of Amoris Laetitia

November 2016: Text
Dubia by Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke,Carlo Caffarra, and Joachim Meisner

November 2016: Text
Professors John Finnis & Germain Grisez's open letter to Pope Francis

July 2017: Text
Filial Correction, 25-page letter signed by 40 Catholic clergy and laypeople 

November 2017: Text
Father Thomas Weinandy of the Vatican's International Theological Commission

January 2018: Text
Three Kazakh bishops' Profession of Truth

May 2018: Text
Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk's plea to pope 

August, September, October, 2018: Text Letter One   Text Letter Two   Text Letter Three
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's three letters

August 2018: Text
Letter from the Catholic Women Association, with almost 50,000 signatures

August 2018: Text
Appeal to cardinals regarding changes to the Catechism about the death penalty. Signed by 45 theologians, philosophers, priests, and others.

February 2019: Text
Cardinal Gerhard Müller's Manifesto of Faith

February 2019:  Text
Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Abu Dhabi document 

February 2019: Text
Professor Josef Seifert’s interventions regarding Abu Dhabi document

April 2019: Text
Theologian Father Aidan Nichols, Father Thomas Crean, Father John Hunwicke, Professor John Rist, Dr. Anna Silvas, Professor Claudio Pierantoni, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Dr. John Lamon, and others
T h e   D u d e t t e   A b i d e s
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That spans a period of three years.

Wonder how long similar lists would be if compiled for: (1) The ~8 years Benedict XVI was the only pope; or (2) the 25+ years JPII was in office?
(05-04-2019, 09:12 AM)Chronologic4 Wrote: Francis the Great!

Benedict the Great.

John Paul the Great

John Paul the Great.

S’all good, in the hood.

Must be the drugs!
In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.
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