Benedictine Monastic Office
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I would like to ask if anybody knows of any source* online where the Divine Office of the Benedictine Confederation: Thesaurus Liturgiae Horarum Monasticae (1977) is available in English? I am not looking for the entire Office just the ordinary or, if you like, the order of service. In other words, the order for each office, e.g. Lauds: Opening Versicle and Response, Gloria patri, and so on. I'm not looking for the details of the psalms, lections, orations, etc. just the structure of the Office.

I know this is a traditional web site and the forum's users probably prefer the Sacred Liturgy prior to 1962. That does not, however, mean that people would be unaware of what I am looking for.

So, that no one finds themself wasting their time: I do know of, and have, the entire Thesaurus in Latin. I am simply looking for the structure of the Office in English.

I would be most grateful if anybody does know of a source.


*I am only looking for anything legal and moral. I am not looking for anything that infringes, say, copyright. I am also not looking for sources on dodgy sites that may download malware.

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