List of the Catholic Church near You
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[Image: st-mary-catholic-church-norwalk-ct.png]
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, Norwalk

St. Mary Catholic Church sought to apply the New Evangelization through renewal in the sacred liturgy, recognizing that as in the early Church, Christ was most strongly expressed to individuals "in breaking bread" (Luke 24:35). Parishes offer the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite, "another set side by side" (Universae Ecclesiae,...

[Image: st-paul-catholic-church-colorado-springs-co.png]
St. Paul Catholic Church, Colorado Springs

St. Paul Catholic Church, Colorado Springs began with the Pauline Chapel (pictured above in 1918) and its construction in 1918. Initially it was built as a "resting" chapel for the use of Broadmoor hotel guests. In 1925, the chapel became the new focal point of the parish and was designated as the St.Paul Catholic Church, being part of the Denver...

[Image: st-monica-catholic-church.png]
St. Monica Catholic Church

St. Monica Catholic Church, originally called the Saint Monica Parish, was founded in 1886 when Santa Monica was still an unrelated part of LA County and Ballona Township. Both the city and the church are named after Saint Monica, who is remembered for her extraordinary Christian virtues, especially the suffering of her husband's adultery and the...

[Image: saint-elizabeth-catholic-church-eureka-springs-ar.png]
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, 30 Crescent Dr., Eureka Springs, AR 72632, USA. Pastor: Rev. Joseph Archibong. Parish Secretary: Nancy Elfter - 479-253-2222. Bookkeeper: Nancy Elfter - 479-253-2222. Church Email: Director of religious Education: St. Anne Church/Berryville - 870-423-3927 History of St....

[Image: holy-cross-parish-catholic-church.png]
Holy Cross Parish

Holy Cross Parish is probably one of the smallest parishes in the city limits of Anchorage. The Catholic Church which has the most diverse congregations with cultures including Filipinos, Latinos, Poles, and natives. The Holy Cross Parish has everything done by larger parishes, but a smaller family of staff to serve the needs of the parish. Holy...

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Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, or also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, recorded in 2017 with a population of around 1.3 billion from baptized Catholics throughout the world. As the oldest international institution that continues to function in the world, the Catholic Church plays an important role in the development and...

[Image: st-augustine-roman-catholic-church.png]
St.Augustine Roman Catholic Church

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church is under the protection of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (Africa), philosopher and father of the Latin Church. St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, 3630 North 71st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85033 - Ph: (623) 849-3131 Fax (623) 849-5689 History of St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church...

[Image: roman-catholic-diocese-of-birmingham-alabama.png]
Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, AL

Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham diocese in Alabama was founded on December 9, 1969, when it was completely separate from what is now the Mobile of Archdiocese. The diocese consists of thirty-nine regions north of the State of Alabama. The County covers an area of 28,091 square miles. Alabama is the twenty-second state...

[Image: st-paul-ii-rosary-with-quote-book.png]
St. John Paul II Rosary with Quote Book

St. John Paul II Rosary with Quote Book. Do you love the beautiful sayings of Pope John Paul II? You will love this beautiful St. John Paul II Rosary with Quote Book. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for your loved one. Get your "St. John Paul II Rosary with Quote Book" today. St. John Paul II Rosary with Quote Book - Spesifications: Silver...

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