Please,.. 100X Novena Prayer for My Little Family
Please,.. 100X Novena Prayer for My Little Family.

I have been married for 22 years. My wife and I are very happy with our small family. Now we have a beautiful 4.5-year-old daughter, Nova. We love her very much.

In this happiness, I still have the burden of prayer in this married life.

I am a Protestant. But I really love Catholicism.

I am a graduate of Catholic Middle School (1985). We currently live in Bali, Indonesia.

I learned many things about the life since on Catholic school. That's why I really love Catholicism until now and forever, even though I'm a Protestant.

Since marriage until now, my wife and my faith are still different. I am a Protestant, and my wife is not Protestant and also not Catholic. Likewise my child whose life of faith still tends to be closer to my wife.

Through this forum, I request the Novena 100X Prayer for me. my wife and daughter, so we can be in the same faith.

[Image: my-family.png]

Your prayer support is very appreciated and respected.

May the Lord Jesus and Our Lady bless my family and you and your family  too.
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Thank you jovan66102.
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Pray Pray Pray

Dear Mr. Daris. Thanks for letting us know. I will pray for your family to be united in Faith and Love in Christ and His Church. God bless.
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