Media battling with Worship Leader
Just found this sub and I'm happy to know it exists! First of all, I apologize for the long post. I have an issue that's weighing heavily our media team and would like to get some advice. Our department  Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
consists of all paid, non-volunteer tech professionals. Most are audio engineers, but everyone dabbles in other aspects of media . We do quite a bit of in-house installation and rarely contract out. Our worship team is also a professional, paid team of musicians. The way I understand the structure is that Media and Worship are on the same level, and do not have authority over each other.
The kind of media we use in traditional Catholic circles usually consists of large books in Latin. We don't have a team for that role.

The "worship team" is Father, who "contracts out" help from altar servers.

Father runs the show.

If that sarcasm is not clear, a "media team" and "worship team" is not a Catholic concept but a Protestant evangelical one, and ought to be as foreign to a Catholic as a second language is to an American.
If you’re Catholic and can’t solve the conflict amongst yourselves, ask the priest maybe? I’ve never been in a Catholic Church where any lay organization of people was entitled to enough authority to quibble about though. Maybe the parish council if you’re Novus Ordo. Most of us don’t have enough “media” involved to even warrant a dedicated position. Not sure how much we can help you here. Good luck!

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