How did Ancient Israelites mark age?
I am doing a read through of the Bible for the first time ever. I haven't even studied it in almost ten years. I am currently looking at 1 Samuel. I have a One Year Bible and I started on the date I got it and it was in Samuel. I am on my second read through and am looking into the history of the book itself as well as what archaeology can tell us about the world during the time it was taking place. One thing I have not found much information on is how the Israelites mark time and age. I know they have a modern Hebrew calendar that I found went back some time but when it came to saying Eli was 98 and Saul became king at did they know a person's age? What did they use to mark time passing? I know moons were used to mark a month beginning and ending but what started a year over? How did they mark what time a person was born?
They had a lunar calendar that they had to adjust every so many years. They counted their days after the sighting of the moon. Some months were 29 days and others 30 days. They had 12 months in a year.

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