What's Your Dream Car ?
I think mine might be the original (1966) Mercury Cougar back when it was a sport's car.
66 GTO Covertible hands down I would love to rebuild one someday!

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An old Landrover, the kind they drove in the African safari tv shows.
An old Jeep Wagonner.
My answer is admittedly odd, but then, so am I. ;)

I have it. It's a rattletrap Sebring. Let me explain. My wife and I had a pair of minivans. My one had belonged to my father-in-law (of happy memory). The second week of December, the transmission ate itself, and the place where I had it towed (only one in the town) would fix, but it was prohibitively expensive. I work about 30 miles from our house, and to say the least, this complicated things. So, the next night was my council's monthly meeting, a friend asked how I'd been, just making conversation. I mentioned the van issue briefly. He said, oh, I might have a car to sell you. Long story short, he allowed me to buy it for a song. I'm just about to pass 8,000 miles on it since then. In that time, I've fixed struts and an exhaust leak, changed oil and added fluids. So, my dream car reliably brings me back and forth to work, helps me transport the younger three kids places, and in sunny weather, I can put the top down. I'm sure a lot of folks think it looks janky, but honestly, I am so happy with it's presence in my life that i've become very attached to it.
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John Z. DeLorean designed '63 Pontiac LeMans Tempest (Motor Trend Car of the Year in '61 - stating it was the best thing to come down the pike since the Model T (slight exaggeration)) with a Super Duty Trophy 4 (half a 389 V8). 

The early LeMans ('61-'63) had a very innovative  2 speed independent suspension rear transaxle (to compete with the VW Bug meance). 

I like the innovation. 

The car in the clip probably doesn't have the transaxle, sounds like a 4 speed manual transmission.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
My 'dream car': 1963 Corvette Stingray w/327 FI V8 and Muncie tranny. Go Go Go!!

My best car I've owned, well, its a three-way tie: 1966 Plymouth Belvedere ,(old LAPD Mountain Division Pursuit Car), 1957 Triumph TR-3, 1994 Camaro Z28.

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Interesting how many of us want cars from the 60's

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I love Mad Max, so the Interceptor is my dream car.[Image: c618c07b7f77c4876bb76157ac0e8481.jpg]
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