The Infant
Just thought I would share this quick quote that I found while re-reading “The Confessions” by St. Augustine [of Hippo].

“Therefore, O Lord my God, you have given to the infant life and a body, which, as we see, you have thus furnished with senses, equipped with limbs, beautified with a shapely form, and, for its complete good and protection, have endowed with all the powers of a living being.”

The Confessions, Part I, Chapter 7

How strongly pertinent it is to our culture today, who think that a baby in the womb is “not human;” that it’s “my body my choice;” that we should be able to murder newborn babies up until the beginning of birth and after birth; that a baby in the womb fits the description of “parasite” (newsflash: a baby in the womb doesn’t fit the biological definition of “parasite”); that having children is selfish, etc.

Even a 4th century cisgender woman-hating religious extremist not white person got it right!

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That's a lot of fetuses, where did they all go? it's like one of those million-dollar things you used to hear: you put a million one dollar bills end to end and it will reach to the moon and back or something like that. How about fetuses? all the aborted fetuses would circle the planet 10 x? 

We have chickens, the neighbors have chickens, when the neighbor's chickens get the chance they will eat our chickens eggs but they don't eat their own flock's eggs. 

In the early Industrial Age some enterprising person noticed mountains of cow and horse hooves outside slaughterhouses going to waste. Millions of them no doubt. End result, Jell-O.

[may not be suitable for the faint of heart]

Why are men reviled and not women?

Just thinking out-loud
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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