Our WoW Classic guild now has it's own name - <contra mundum> is looking for members!
I have posted about this before - I have created a Discord channel to organise a Catholic WoW Classic guild (the game releases on August 27th this year). We have made big progress so far: it has been decided that we will run all things through one Discord server but there will actually be two in-game guilds: one US and one EU. The guild name will be which is a jab at the Word of Warcraft because it means "against the world" in Latin, but it also means we're fighting the world (since we're Catholics) and I took inspiration from "Athanasius contra mundum".

Join our Discord here.
I'm not certain WoW is good game for Catholics to play, as well as many video games. I started playing WoW in 2005 and have had many characters. I tell myself if I play a healer or a paladin spec, I'm good to go since it's for the greater good. But in the end, you're pretending to kill for gear, gold, honor, rep or whatever. The earlier quests in vanilla WoW seemed to be more geared toward achieving noble goals, but maybe that's just nostalgia talking.

I might level a pally and see how it goes when it comes out, just to see if it feels OK. I do miss those 40 man raids with guildies, they were a blast.
I have to admit that once I leveled out my Paladin I went to an Alliance outpost everyday to kill the NPCs.

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